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2020 Thailand Permanent Residence (PR) Application Window Opens

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Permanent Residence here in the Kingdom of Thailand.  As of the time of this video it has come to our attention that the application window is now open. 

That term we use, the sort of the "window", basically Thai Immigration, the Permanent Residence division, is now accepting new applications. They do not accept applications for Permanent Residence all year round. As noted in a prior video on this channel, they have set the quotas for this year. Quotas are set by nationality and depending on your nationality, it may be possible to get a Thai Permanent Residence application on file in order to process moving forward and hopefully upon approval be granted Permanent Residence here in the Kingdom of Thailand. 

For those who are unaware, Thai Permanent Residence does not only permit what the name implies, the ability to remain in Thailand on a permanent basis, but it also, I hesitate to say exempt, but it allows the bearer to no longer have to undertake things like 90-day reporting, TM30 address reporting, as well as the yearly visa extension in some cases bi-yearly visa extensions, for Non-immigrant Visa status renewal. So unlike a Thai Retirement Visa, a Thai O Visa or a Thai Business Visa, Permanent Residence is as it states, "permanent"; you don't have to keep renewing it like you renew a Visa in the Non-immigrant categories.  

So for those who are interested, it is probably a good idea to start making arrangements to be able to file your application for PR here in Thailand and for those who are approved, it is certainly a major benefit for remaining in the Kingdom of Thailand for a prolonged period of time.