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60 Day Provisional Thai O Marriage Visa Extensions

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing "60-day provisional Thai O Marriage Visa extensions". 

This is something specific to the O Marriage Visa. It is discretionary on the part of the Immigration Officer but we found in certain situations where basically you are saying to the Immigration Officer, "Look, I came in on an O Marriage Visa. I don't quite have my ducks in a row yet with respect to for example financial evidence etc. Can I get some kind of extension to allow me some time to make it up?" and they say "Yeah", but it is discretionary and they can issue a 60-day stamp to provide you time to get your situation in order, perhaps seek another extension or to leave the country. They have some discretion with respect to those who are married to Thai nationals that have an O Visa based on that Marriage to say "yeah we are going to go ahead and grant this sort of 60-day period in which to either you know fish or cut bait". Either basically get your situation in order to extend further or go ahead and leave the country and "no harm, no foul". 

This is very different compared to a Business Visa. They don't issue this kind of sort of discretionary extension. Meanwhile, again we don't see this with Education Visas or really any other type of Visa. I only have ever seen this really in any real general broad context issue in the context of an O Visa based on marriage to a Thai national.