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Airport Arrival in Thailand and Alternative State Quarantine

Transcript of the above video:

A topic which has come up and has been coming up with some more frequency as we have actually seen folks entering Thailand, both clients of ours, viewers of the channel as well as just general folks that I have actually met just out and about here in Bangkok, is this sort of transition from the airport to Alternative State Quarantine.

As noted in previous videos, especially the video on Certificates of Entry to Thailand, there is this aspect of this where it is like hitting a dart board and a bullseye. You obtain your Certificate of Entry and then that Certificate of Entry provides a single date on it in which you can enter Thailand and you have got to coordinate your arrival with your Alternative State Quarantine accommodations which is basically a hotel that has been certified for Alternative State Quarantine that provides all the sterilization service and keeps folks on lockdown for lack of better term, while they are undertaking their quarantine period. 

Now the reason I am making this video is this is really, really important because when you are coordinating your travel to Thailand, all the tumblers kind of have to fall into the lock on that exact date. You have got to get your accommodation set, your flight set, you have got to get all your documentation done leading up to that, so that it all sort of falls together and you arrive in Thailand, process through Immigration, process through all the initial medical screening and there is a fair amount of that even at the airport where they are doing COVID tests, making sure everything is on the up and up and then they get you over to a quarantine facility, keep you on lockdown until the quarantine period is completed and you usually are processed out after taking one final COVID test in order to be processed out and allowed out and about here in Thailand. 

So the reason I am making this video is so people are aware that there is this seam if you will, this transitory period when you are coming into the airport, dealing with Immigration and then at the same time you are dealing with going into Alternative State quarantine. Again you have to plan for this much like tumblers in a lock; it all has to fall together literally on one exact day so that you can be admitted, quarantined and then presumably two weeks later processed in and allowed sort of freedom, liberty if you want here in the Kingdom of Thailand.