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Alternative State Local Quarantine (ASLQ)

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing ASLQ. That is Alternative State Local Quarantine or Alternative Local Quarantine as it sometimes being called. 

I found this information on the website of the Royal Thai Embassy in Washington DC and I wanted to go ahead and do a video on this. There appears to be two for lack of a term categories of quarantine. There is ASQ, Alternative State Quarantine and then ASLQ. For those who are unaware, I went ahead and looked this up; well I found it on this same website, the Thai Embassy in D.C., their website. It appears that Alternative State Local Quarantine hotels are those hotels that are doing State quarantining outside of Bangkok but it notes specifically on the website that “ASLQ not available for passengers traveling from the US”; presumably that is even Thai nationals coming from the USA may not be able to do ASLQ quarantining. So they are not able to quarantine outside of Bangkok and the hotels are noted here. There are some in Phuket, it looks like one Buriram, one down in Pattaya. Meanwhile the ASQ hotels, the Alternative State Quarantine hotels, they are located in Bangkok. It appears that all of them are located in Bangkok. 

So long story short, for Americans, those who are coming to Thailand in any capacity, presumably that can be someone coming as a Thai Business Visa holder, a Thai O Visa holder, presumably ED Visa holder, hopefully up and coming Special Tourist Visa holders, all those folks are going to have to go ahead and quarantine at the Alternative State Quarantine sites here in Bangkok. There are a number of them noted on the Royal Thai Embassy website in D.C. and that is basically what we are dealing with as of the time of this video. 

Now that may change. It may be possible that folks from the US can quarantine at one of these ASLQ facilities sometime months ahead but it remains to be seen as at the time of this video.