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Any Substitutes for Thai Retirement Visa Insurance?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Insurance in the context of a Thai Retirement Visa.

A recent comment from our channel, quoting directly: "Would the insurance required be able to be substituted with a cash deposit?" I have this question a lot. I think it is pretty pertinent and I think it is something that should be answered on YouTube. No you can't do it with a cash deposit. They talked about something akin to that when we first saw these rules being promulgated back in October of 2019. As of yet I have not seen any way to get around the insurance requirement using any type of cash deposit. As noted in other videos on this channel, it may be possible to gain O Retirement status and not have to deal with insurance. For those unfamiliar with that you can check out other videos on our channel or you can contact us and find out more about that.

Long story short, Insurance, if you are dealing with it in an O-A context, it is pretty much non-negotiable. You really can't have any substitute for that insurance requirement that is associated with an O-A Retirement Visa.