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An App to Trace Foreign Tourists in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing a Tracking App for tourists in Thailand.

A recent article from, was titled: Government to Introduce “Thailand Plus" Application for Foreign Tourists. They were quoting from Thai PBS World so many thanks to them for providing this translation. 

I am just going to quote a quick excerpt here. Two excerpts I thought were notable for this video. Quoting directly: "Mr.Sompote Arhunai, CEO of the Energy Absolute Company which developed the Mor Chana application said that the “Thailand Plus" App functions like Mor Chana. Similar to a GPS system, he said that officials will know the whereabouts of the tourists during their stay in Thailand in case any of them are found to have contracted the contagion so that action can be taken immediately to prevent its spread."

So again, this appears to be a tracking app. It is not unlike some of the tracking apps that we saw initially come out when they first reopened things having to do with places and facilities that were allowing people in for purposes of so-called contact tracing. Now I made other videos and I am not going to go into my personal view on this whole thing.

Long story short is it does look like this may be required for those entering Thailand. I don't know what the ramifications are for this longer term. We are going to keep track of this issue as things progress. I will make other videos on this channel to do a deep dive into what this could mean but at least for now it looks like definitely tourists are going to be covered in the requirement that they need to download this app, presumably upon entry in Thailand and then be tracked by it thereafter.