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Approved "Golf Quarantine" Resorts in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing "Golf Quarantine" in Thailand. We made a video on this before, actually we have discussed this a few times before. The Golf Quarantine, basically this has been proposed and now it looks like it has been promulgated and it has been decreed that it is possible to undertake a "Golf Quarantine" in Thailand. That means, someone coming to Thailand, yes they still need to go to Alternative State Quarantine for two weeks but during that two weeks they can be confined to the premises of a place with a golf course which for those who have gone through the two week quarantine, and I talked to a number of those folks, they are pretty stir crazy by the time they come out. The ability to walk 18 holes if nothing else and play a round of golf every day is pretty welcome news to a lot of folks.

In a recent article from the Pattaya News, that is, the article is titled: Royal Gazette Officially Lists Six Golfing Resorts for Foreign Tourists as Part of Golf-Course Quarantine. Quoting directly: "The six golfing quarantine resorts are: 1. Mida Golf Club, Kanchanaburi Province; 2. Evergreen Hills Golf Course & Resort, Kanchanaburi Province; 3. Blue Star Golf Course, Kanchanaburi Province; 4. Athitaya Golf and Resort Course, Nakorn Nayok Province; 5. Sawang Resort Golf Club and Hotel, Phetchaburi Province; 6. Artitaya Chiang Mai Golf Club and Resort, Lamphun Province. Sometimes transliterated English throws me off trying to pronounce what they are saying in Thai. 

That said, there are six. I urge you again to go to thepattayanews.comRoyal Gazette Officially Lists Six Golfing Resorts for Foreign Tourists as Part of Golf-Course Quarantine is the article. They go into a lot of detail there but yes there are six resorts. It is now apparently possible via The Royal Gazette decree to go ahead and quarantine at these golf courses. I am sure that is welcome news for a number of folks especially golf lovers who are looking to come to Thailand either as tourists or on business that is to be conducted here in the Kingdom.