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Are Protests in Thailand Impacting the Thai Visa Extension Process?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the protests here in Thailand. 

I want to preface everything I state further with this: This is not a video that is political in anyway; this is an apolitical video. We are making this for informational purposes only to discuss matters pertaining to Thai Immigration and Visa processing. Where we do discuss these protests, we are discussing these protests in an apolitical, neutral manner. We are simply acknowledging the fact that these demonstrations are occurring and we are trying to provide some insight for folks regarding the Thai Immigration process as well as the Thai Visa application process. 

So, the thing to take away from this video is as of the time of this video we are seeing no appreciable impact from this phenomenon on the overall Immigration process. If you are looking to get your visa extended, if you are looking to deal with things like 90-day reporting etc., then this protest in my opinion at least as of now, is not having a direct or indirect detrimental impact on one's ability to get their Immigration situation sorted out, whatever that may be. So if you are looking to deal with an extension of your status, get a re-entry permit, change status, convert to a different type of Visa, deal with things pertaining to the current Amnesty; none of that has occurred. We have not seen there be an appreciable impact indirect or direct or otherwise from these demonstrations on the Thai Immigration process. 

Now that stated, things can always change so we will keep you updated on the situation on this channel as the situation progresses.