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Are There Alternatives to the Special Tourist Visa for Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Special Tourist Visa yet again.  

I have had some questions come from folks both in our audience and clients, who have asked us "hey are there any alternatives at all to the Special Tourist Visa or is this the only game in town?"  Well point of fact for tourism, it is pretty much the only game in town at least for the moment. As of the time of this video, there is no other real tourism scheme that is being implemented at least again, that we know of right now. 

Meanwhile, yes there may be alternatives in the sense of Non-immigrant visas. As noted in prior videos it may be possible to get a Business Visa, especially those who have work authorization. It may be possible to get a Thai O visa for those who are married to a Thai or have Thai children. There may be certain circumstances narrow as they may be especially compared to times past, for getting a Thai ED that is Education Visa, but again those aren't necessarily tourist visas. 

So in a strictly tourism context, the STV or Special Tourist Visa, appears to be for lack of better term the "only game in town" but as noted in prior videos, I think the implementation of the Special Tourist Visa scheme may be sort of a foray or like the opening salvo if you will of more opening with respect to Immigration into Thailand in the relatively near future.