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Arrest and Deportation NOT Optimal Ways to Depart Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Arrest and Deportation and why that is not really probably the best way to leave Thailand. A recent article from the Pattaya News, that is, the article is titled: Unidentified Foreigner Arrested for allegedly stealing two bottles of Liquor in Pattaya and attempting to flee across nearby rooftops claims he is homesick and wants to be sent to his home country. Quoting directly: "The foreign man told police at the scene he was homesick and wanted to be sent back to his home country and wanted to be caught." There is a lot more information in there. It is actually kind of an interesting story of what he did, allegedly did; he was running across these rooftops. 

The purpose for this video is there are better ways to go home rather than getting arrested. Frankly if you are already on overstay, we deal with this rather frequently, one can liaise with Immigration; it can take some doing and it may cost a little bit of money to have somebody assist in expediting a deportation, but that can be done. The other thing is being arrested in Thailand and being deported will result in basically a lifetime blacklisting. It may be possible to deal with that at a later date but presume the worst; hope for the best, plan for the worst and presume that you may not be able to ever come back to Thailand again. Again, oftentimes, sometimes Embassies will help their nationals. There are probably better ways than getting arrested to get yourself deported home and this should be clear, I want to make this very clear, if you are thinking about this yeah you may ultimately end up at home but where you are going to end up in the interim, between the time they arrest you and the time you get out of Thailand, is not going to be a pretty place. I have dealt with cases in the Immigration Detention Centre. It is not some place anyone wants to be and probably why it is called the detention center. It is kind of designed I think to a certain degree to be a deterrent. It can be some time if you get stuck in that Detention Centre before you can be deported from Thailand. It is not going to be just an instantaneous thing. There is some due process involved, then on top of it, it has to do with availability of flights etc. 

So for those who are contemplating this method of leaving Thailand, maybe think again and look at other options because definitely there are better ways to leave Thailand rather than being intentionally deported.