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Assistance with TM 30 Reporting

Transcript of the above video:

Frequently in the news lately we have been seeing foreigners discussing the TM30. The TM30 is a requirement for those who are staying in Thailand who are in non-immigrant status and to note, non-immigrant is different from Permanent Residence here in the Kingdom. Non-immigrants are people who are in for example B Visa status, O Visa status, ED Visa status; prolonged tourists are a little bit different. If you are in Tourist Visa status it is kind of a different thing but those who are in the Kingdom on O Visa Marriage status, Retiree status, basically the visas that are renewed on a yearly basis, those folks need to deal with TM30 and TM30 is basically a housemaster/landlord reporting requirement. Even the renter of a particular location can be considered a housemaster as I see the Immigration Authorities interpreting the rules at this time. 

So basically, anybody that is a foreigner here in the Kingdom, who isn't reporting via TM 30 could have some problems when trying to for example renew their upcoming visas etc.  Where does this leave one?  Well you do have to report. Strictly speaking you need to report very quickly after coming into the Kingdom each time one returns presumably. If one doesn't ever leave and then doesn't stay 24 hours at any other premises, then further TM reporting is not really required.  

Many people have asked me in the past few weeks, "Do we assist in this?" Well in the past I would have said “No”, but due to the fact we are seeing it so much more often,  "Yes we are assisting with TM30 filings much more frequently than we were in the past." Those who have issues with TM30 filing, it may be a good idea to send us an email and we will go ahead and see if we can assist you and if we can, hopefully we can streamline the process, make it a little bit more convenient, more straightforward.

I know some of this isn't exactly, I always hesitate to say easy, but maybe we can provide some more convenience and more peace of mind with respect to TM30 for those who are wishing to undertake our services to file such filings in the future.