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Be Cautious with Thai Visa Advice from YouTube

Transcript of the above video:

At the title of this video suggests we are discussing Visa advice on YouTube. I am sure the title of this video probably seems strange as this is coming from someone who talks a lot, in some cases I am sure some of you think "ad nauseam", about Immigration and Visa matters here in Thailand but I am talking about this in a specific way.

First of all I want to say I hope that people take these videos for what they are which is just general information. I am not making these videos to provide case specific advice and that is what advice is, it is case specific. I provide these videos, I try to make these videos for an informational purpose not to be used by somebody in their specific case. If it provides you some insight or some nuance or it gives you a better understanding of how the overall system works, that is great but if you are trying to use these videos to somehow specifically deal with some really difficult or nettlesome issue in your situation that is not really their use; that is not what they are meant for. 

The other thing to understand is I am also making this because I see a lot of YouTubers out there, I am not pointing at anyone specifically, I just see it a lot and this kind of culminated I have seen it the last few months about the last 90 days when I have seen YouTubers talking about Thai Visa stuff and they will either conflate the very specific for general informational purposes, or they will just disseminate information that is just patently not correct. In the former case, what I am talking about is, I will often see folks and this is oftentimes in a discussion context where people will say "Well this is what happened in my case and dadadada". I will hear some specific point that occurred and that will not be parsed out for the specificity that is required. What I mean is someone may view that, and I have had people contact me, they may view or hear that information and think "oh that applied there, that applies to me". That may not be the case. As I have noted in a number of my videos, different provincial Immigration offices do things differently; different Embassies and Consulates do things differently.  What may have worked in one case specific incident may not work just as a general matter when processing Immigration cases across the board. So that is the first thing to understand about being cautious. Let me be also clear. I am not saying don't listen and get insight from across the internet. Take things for what they are and bring them into your own situation as best you can and try as best you can to understand that one person's situation is not necessarily applicable to your situation. That is even the same in similar visa categories. O Marriage Visa information for one person may not apply to another person depending again on circumstances.

The other thing that I unfortunately see is there is just a lot of disseminated information that is just a lot of Hokum. There is not anything to it. They basically will say things that are, almost like old wives tale. They will say "well if you go down to this office and you know you are nice to this person, this guy will hook you up with a Visa or something." I don't see that as often as I once did. That was also more of a thing that I used to kind of see on forums and things and that has kind of fallen by the wayside but I still do see it occasionally. 

Long story short, usually it is pretty easy to tell "when something sounds too good to be true it probably is". Long story short when you are viewing any video including mine and again I want to restate, I am not the dispositive end all be all of Immigration information. I am not trying to be and I hope I don't come off as trying to be such. I am simply trying to provide as much pertinent information as I can in as quick a context and as concise a context as I can to provide insight to people in a general way but the thing not to read from anything on YouTube is how one thing that may not apply to you could apply to you. Don't conflate someone else's circumstances with your own. 

The other thing to understand is there is stuff out there that is just wholly nonsensical that I have never seen work and I have seen people talk about that just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Again not so much here recently but in the past that was much more frequent. So those out there are watching these videos across YouTube, across the internet, looking at information on the internet just understand you need to be cautious; don't believe everything you read; don't believe everything you see.  Like the lyrics from that song "I heard it through the grapevine", believe half of what you see and none of what you hear".  It is a good idea to be cautious with the information you find, not only on the internet but on YouTube specifically.