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Biometric Systems Rolled Out at Thai Immigration Checkpoints

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing biometrics; specifically biometric data gathering by Immigration checkpoints here in the Kingdom of Thailand. 

In a prior video on this channel we discussed this issue and we talked about the fact that it looked as though Immigration Authorities were going to start rolling out biometric data gathering devices at Immigration checkpoints in the Kingdom. It now appears as though that has come to pass.  So quoting directly from Phuket News,, the title of the article: Biometric ID Systems Installed at Phuket International Airport. Now it should be noted in our prior video we discussed anecdotally there was evidence that biometric machines had already been rolled out at Suvarnabhumi Airport so we have seen it here in Bangkok. I always like to see the perspective from Phuket and apparently the systems are being rolled out down there. Quoting directly, "Police Logistics Office Commissioner Lieutenant-general Tinaphat Phumarin on Thursday May 9th unveiled the installation of new biometric screening systems at Phuket International Airport and said they are ready to use."  Quoting further: "Newly-appointed Immigration Bureau Commissioner Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang in April highlighted that IB is ramping up the use of biometric technology at International Airports to guard against transnational criminals."

So as previously discussed, biometrics especially biometric data that has been gathered is going to be a real game-changer I think over here in Thailand. Whereas once the Immigration apparatus had to rely on paper, analog systems basically, and they only had travel documentation to rely upon with respect to adjudicating entries into the Kingdom. Now they have a wealth of information and resources in the form of biometric data. Biometric data, retinal scanning, fingerprinting, etc., facial recognition, is very difficult to fake and for that reason I think this is being rolled out because as I have said in previous videos on topics pertaining to Immigration, the Thai Immigration Authorities, the Immigration Bureau as well as Border Control and all of them, they are taking a very law enforcement view with respect to Immigration matters whereas they once took more of an administrative or regulatory view on how these matters should be prosecuted for lack of better term. These days this law enforcement mentality is manifesting itself in things like the roll out of this biometric data gathering which will provide a great deal more insight to Immigration Officers as to whether or not an individual seeking entry to the Kingdom should be admitted.