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Business Visa Applications at the Thai Consulate, Los Angeles

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Business Visa applications specifically through the Thai Consulate in Los Angeles. Now it should be noted that although there is only 1 Embassy in Washington D.C that covers the jurisdiction of the United States and theoretically one can file their visa application, if they live in the United States, through that post. 

Generally speaking they like to cut up or divvy up if you will Consular jurisdiction for such matters to the various Consulates General in the United States, specifically the Thai Consulate, Chicago, Thai Consulate, New York and a Thai Consulate in Los Angeles. There are also various Honorary Consulates throughout the United States but their jurisdiction for granting visas is rather limited compared to the Consulates General in the United States. 

Now we are talking specifically about B Visa applications, that is Business Visa applications and quoting directly from the website of the Thai Consulate, Los Angeles, that is The title of this page is: Non-immigrant Visa category B. Quoting directly:  "Purpose of Visit: applicants who wish to conduct business in Thailand, business; applicants who work as a teacher, teaching; applicants who work in Thailand, working."  

So the thing that should be taken away from this video is that there are three subcategories of B Visa that are issued and the relevant application process for those different categories is going to vary from both the documentation standpoint as well as a scrutiny or adjudication standpoint because there are different intentions in play and there is different documentation in play depending on the reason why one is coming to Thailand. We are not going to get into specifics of the difference between for example business and teaching. Suffice it to say you can go ahead and contact us if you need further information about how to get a Business Visa from the Thai Consulate in Los Angeles under one’s specific circumstances.

That being said, quoting further: Processing Time: 1 business day, that is very different from the Thai Embassy in Washington DC as they are in person turnaround time is 5 business days but by mail it is also minimum 15 business days which is the same as the Thai Embassy in Washington D.C.

Furthermore, it should also be noted, quoting directly: “We do not offer expedited service.” So they are not going to do it any faster. It is first come first serve. They process them out as soon as they get them and you can't request expedited service. So when applying for a B Visa in Los Angeles the thing to keep in mind is there going to be different subcategories of B Visa, working, teaching and just simply doing business. Documentation is going to vary depending on those different subcategories and then on top of that, the processing time in person is 1 day but the processing time for mail is 15 days and they do not expedite services at that post.