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Can an American Get a Thai Visa In Mexico?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Americans applying for Thai Visas in Mexico. As niche as one would think that this video is, I have actually seen this question posed a lot more often than I have ever seen it in the past since this COVID response.

Basically, there seem to be a lot of Americans in Mexico at the moment and some of them have contacted us over the past few months and have asked for assistance in getting to Thailand. The first question is can it be done? The short answer is probably and by probably I would say it is close to 100% likely it can be done but it is going to be very fact dependent. It is going to be dependent on what type of Visa you are seeking and there are going to be a number of factors that are going to play in to the way that application is processed. 

As a default rule, Embassies and this could be the American Embassy, this could be the Thai Embassy, Consular staff, their main function is processing visas for the nationals of the country hosting them. Now, they also assist other nationals that may be in that country and there is sort of a scale if you will, a hierarchy of priority. Nationals of the host country, residents of the host country, followed by folks that may be there long term all the way down to somebody that has been there for a day, just a tourist. They may place different people on that sliding scale if you will in different levels of priority to the point where they may not actually provide services to someone who clearly doesn't really have any connection to the host jurisdiction. This is even the case in US Immigration; this isn't just a Thai thing. 

So again, it is going to be very dependent on the circumstances of a given case but yes we have had success assisting Americans in processing Thai Visa cases out of Mexico. Again it is going to be based on facts. Don't presume what you are looking to do may necessarily work out because again it is going to be depending on what you are looking for and depending on where you are at, a number of other factors are going to play into this. Long story short, it is possible and we have had success in getting Americans Thai Visas from Mexico.