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Can I Be Deported from Another Country to Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

We are discussing deportation from another country for someone who is seeking entry into Thailand. So we are talking about someone who is in another country and they are being deported from that country and they would like to be deported essentially into Thailand. 

As strange as this may sound to folks in a Western context because this is kind of rare, in the past especially in the more recent past up until this past year prior to the COVID response, you would see circumstances like this arise. Southeast Asia has a number of countries in it. They are actually geographically rather close and so folks that are being deported from one country for example say Vietnam or they are being deported from Hong Kong or oftentimes it is usually in an overstay context, and people will ask "Well can I get into Thailand?" Long story short, it is very factually dependent. It is going to be very dependent on circumstances. That said, in this current environment, this COVID response environment unfortunately I think it is probably going to be an uphill battle if it is even possible at all. It might be possible. Again it is circumstantially dependent. 

The thing to understand is you are being accepted into Thailand on sufferance. The Thais don't have to take you. Thailand doesn't have to accept a foreign national and generally speaking you are not going to be looked well upon for lack of a better term. You would be looked askance at by Thai Immigration if you are being deported. Generally speaking, countries don't like to accept deportees from other countries. Again this can be circumstantially dependent but it has been our experience that generally speaking this isn't a great posture to be in. 

So long story short and the thing to take away from this video, it is probably a good idea to contact a legal professional if you are in this position in order, if nothing else, to ascertain whether or not it is even going to be an option to get into Thailand if you are being deported from another country.