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Can Thai O Marriage Visa Holders Use the Phuket Sandbox?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing O Marriage Visas in the context of the Phuket Sandbox. For those who are unaware, the Phuket Sandbox is basically a form of quarantine but it is an island-wide quarantine on Phuket wherein folks that come in, they meet all the criteria to be able to use the Phuket Sandbox, can come in, spend 14 days in Phuket and not need to undergo what is called Alternative State Quarantine where they have to spend two weeks in a hotel room before they will be allowed out into the wild if you will, sort of allowed out into greater Thailand but in Phuket they can roam around the island as opposed being in the room. 

A lot of folks are starting to get interested in this. We are seeing a lot of folks that are using Certificates of Entry and trying to come in to the Phuket Sandbox and a question or a misconception that has come up here recently is people have asked me "Well does it only apply to tourists? Can I use for example a Thai Marriage Visa? I am married to a Thai national. I want to come back in to Thailand. I would like to use the Phuket Sandbox for that 2-week interval before I can get back to my wife or my husband in greater Thailand." Or in some cases they actually live in Phuket so it kind of works out. 

Long story short, anybody can use the Phuket Sandbox. It is not tourists only. I can understand how people think that because it is kind of aimed at tourists and it is kind of billed as a tourism, it is not a gimmick but it is sort of a facilitating tourism into Thailand but long story short yeah Non-immigrant Visa holders including those that hold a Thai O Marriage Visa can avail themselves of the Phuket Sandbox scheme.