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Can Thai O Retirement Visa Holders Use the Phuket Sandbox?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Phuket Sandbox and O Retirement Visas; now this is as opposed to O-A Retirement Visas. O Retirement Visas generally speaking, are going to be issued via extension here in the Kingdom, an extension of status as an O retiree, not an O-A. Generally speaking, you are only going to see this done inside of Thailand but it is possible to obtain a re-entry permit and be able to use that same status to return to Thailand. 

There seems to be some misconceptions out there that the Phuket Sandbox is only designed for tourists. In point of fact no, that is not the case; not just tourists can use the Phuket Sandbox. Folks who have Non-immigrant visas, Permanent Residents presumably on an Immigrant Visa could use the Phuket Sandbox, in this case O retirees can use the Phuket Sandbox. We have assisted folks who have a re-entry permit and have an O Retirement Visa stamp in getting back in to Thailand via the Phuket Sandbox. It is possible. It is not exclusive for the usage of tourists. I don't know exactly where people get that. I kind of see it because it is sort of billed to tourists; it is advertised with them in mind. But yes it is possible to use the Phuket Sandbox for those who are coming in in another type of non-immigrant Visa in this case an O Retirement Visa.