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Can a Thailand Pass Application Be Denied?

Transcript of the above:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thailand Passes. For those who are unaware, those who wish to come to Thailand presently, we are operating under the Emergency Decree of 2020. Prior to March 2020 when that Decree was promulgated, the Thailand Pass or what its precursor was called, the Certificate of Entry, was not required to come to Thailand. As of the time of this video, and at least for the presumably immediately foreseeable future, currently a Thailand Pass is required in order to come into Thailand as a foreign national and this is somebody who has for example even a Visa exempt so you are coming in with no Visa or you have applied for a Visa, either way you still have to deal with the Thailand Pass System. 

A question that comes up someone frequently especially these past few weeks: "Can one of these be denied?" The answer to that is yes and we have seen it. This is one of the reasons why you need to be especially careful in dealing with filing and processing a Thailand Pass. The reason I say that, we deal with a lot of Thailand Passes. We assist folks in dealing with the Thailand Pass both for folks who otherwise get a Visa, they get a visa and the Thailand Pass or if they are coming in on Visa exempt status they don't need a visa but they go ahead and still need the Thailand Pass. We assist in both circumstances. The reason I bring it up is because yeah a denial can really have some problems with respect to scheduling because you have got to deal with things like bookings and hotels and timing is something of an issue. If you are up against the wall with respect to timelines, a denial can have a really seriously negative impact on your situation. It can result in extra cost; it can result in extra resource expenses. 

So for this reason yeah, understand they can be denied. It is probably a good idea to go ahead and start working on this sooner rather than later, so earlier further away from your projected prospective time of departure and in some cases it may not be a terrible idea to contact a legal professional, gain some insight and guidance into how best to proceed.