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Could Free 6 Month Thai Tourist Visas Boost Economy?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Tourist Visas; specifically 6 month Thai Tourist Visas.

The multiple entry Thai Tourist Visa or the 6-month Thai Tourist Visa was created not long ago. It is perhaps only I think at this point four years at a maximum. I think it is about only three years old. It was created in an effort to stimulate tourism also at a time when 1- year Non-immigrant Visas, specifically Non-immigrant Business Visas and Non-immigrant O Visas usually for marriage but could be for other reasons were being issued with decreasing regularity so we have effectively saw the 1 year Non-Immigrant Visa being phased out as a practical matter from Thai Embassies and Consulates abroad. Simultaneously, as that was occurring, we saw the creation of the 6-month Thai Tourist Visa and an increasing number of those visas being issued. 

Now as of the time of this video, we are also witnessing certain turbulence if you will within the Thai tourism sector most notably the appreciating Baht , the value against other foreign currencies. The Baht has appreciated substantially in 2019 and here in early 2020, this is still an issue. It is my opinion I think we may see some policies coming out of Thai Immigration and the Tourism and Sports Ministry that will be seeking to encourage stimulation of tourism from abroad and one thing that I would just posit might be beneficial is perhaps looking at issuing Thai multi-entry Tourist Visas from the countries where those can be issued; issuing those gratis, without payment, just basically issuing them for free. My reasoning behind it is this could substantially stimulate tourism to Thailand and by extension, the overall economy. 

That being stated, Thai Immigration has made it clear they do not want people living in Thailand in long-term status in tourism status or in 30 day exemption stamp status or visa on arrival status; they made that very clear. That being stated, it is clear to me that based on information we have seen and announcements from Thai Immigration themselves, they are increasingly concerned with maintaining tourism numbers and perhaps one way to go ahead and stimulate those numbers would be to waive fees with respect to Tourist Visas themselves.