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Could New COVID Outbreak in Thailand Impact Visa Policy?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing COVID-19 cases and what we are talking about here specifically, in recent days there have been reports of a number of cases stemming from one specific area, Samut Sakorn, here in Thailand. I have had some people actually on the street even ask me "Do I think that this is going to have any impact on Immigration policy?" And I think that they are worried about, it was looking like things were moving forward: a lessening of quarantine duration as well as the Visa Exemption stamp has come back into play; a lot of the Visa categories that were closed off to foreign nationals are back in play, and will these developments have any impact on that especially in the light that I have seen various publications note that the Public Health Minister I think specifically has noted that there seems to be a correlation between migrant labor and the instances or the cases being reported with respect to COVID-19. I don't want to get into the specifics of it; that is for news organizations to report.

The thrust of this video is “Do I think that these factual developments will have an overall impact on Visa policy, specifically for visas for folks coming in?” I would doubt it. Unless things really change in the upcoming days, I think that the overall theme of continuously reopening to foreign nationals, the various categories and things, I think it is probably going to continue. The other thing to note is that those folks have to come in and immediately go into Alternative State Quarantine and that is 14 days in a hotel where they are tested multiple times so they are screened about as much as one can be screened for COVID on their way in to Thailand. So, for this reason coupled with the overall policy and the fact that apparently, according to Thai Authorities, the situation here is well under control and contained very much like the situation up in Northern Thailand some weeks ago which was quickly dealt with and contained, it looks like Thai authorities have rapidly responded to this and gotten things under control. Again, not really for me to get into from the thrust of this video. 

Point B, do I think it is going to have a major impact on Thai Visa policy? No I do not actually think that. I could be wrong or developments may move in a course that may change that analysis in the future but I think for now it is safe to presume that is probably not going to have a major impact on Thai Visa policy.