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Could Rules on Thai Elite Visas Change?

Transcription of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Elite Visas and whether or not the rules pertaining to those visas are subject to change. Can they change?

A recent email from a viewer, I am going to quote directly: "Hi Benjamin, I have a quote about the Thai Elite membership. Is it a legal contract you enter into with the Thai Government when you join? What if there is a change of Government? Will a 20-year Visa still be valid or if the Government makes changes to the rules will the membership rules change?" 

As we have noted in other videos on this channel, Thailand Elite is not a Government agency directly. They deal closely with them. They are a private Company. The other thing to understand specific to the point of this video, could the rules change? Yes, absolutely. It is possible and I say that because we have seen it. The prior iteration of Thailand Elite was promulgated under the Thaksin Administration here in Thailand and it was fundamentally different to the Elite Program we currently see. In fact as I recall, it was a Business Visa, it was a B Visa status and it was lifetime; it was a lifetime basically multi-entry B Visa. It had a few other differences mostly cosmetic associated with some of the benefits but the Visa itself was a very different type of document compared to the 20-year max Thailand Elite membership status that you can get as of now. 

So yeah, it is a horse of a very different colour and yeah sure there is a possibility that in the future we could see this change. As I have said many times on this channel, the only constant is change. Do I think that will happen anytime soon? Not really. I think Thailand Elite fundamentally is a pretty solid entrenched institution at this point but sure yeah if a government changes or they change the law or something, it is possible that Thailand Elite Visas you know and the status associated therewith could fundamentally be altered.