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Could Thai Business Visas Soon Be "Fast Tracked"?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the possibility that the Thai Business Visa might see a "fast tracking" in coming months or maybe even in coming days.

In a recent article from the Bangkok Post, the article is titled: Envoys Urge Rule Reform, that is Quoting directly: "Five Ambassadors from developed economies met at the US Ambassador's Residence in Bangkok last week to call for Thailand to undergo regulatory reform which should ease doing business in addition to allowing “Fast Track” access for essential business travel as the US thrashes out its political turmoil." Quoting further: "The Japanese Ambassador called on Thailand to adopt Fast Track procedures for business people that Japan has already established are from low risk countries such as South Korea and Vietnam." So basically, Japan is saying "look we have done this fast tracking and we think it would be a good idea if maybe Thailand think about doing a fast tracking as well."  

We have discussed this previously. Thai Policy makers have been discussing this at length. I think there are major concerns with respect to the cost benefit analysis at a policy level with respect to fast tracking the economic benefits associated therewith and at the same time the possible negative consequences of basically the public health consequences that could run negative to fast tracking too many people. Now I don't really have an opinion one way or the other on this.

My point of making this video is it is still under discussion. It has yet to be promulgated. We have yet to actually see any fast tracking directives being initiated or implemented or handed down but it seems logical that if there was going to be a fast tracking, if that was going to happen, it would probably happen in the Business Visa realm before it would happen anywhere else because there are more benefits to be weighed against negatives when looking at it from a business standpoint. Policymakers can say “look if we let in X number of investors into Thailand or potential investors, we could see X amount of increased foreign direct investment” for example. I am just pulling that out of the air but there are definitely more possible benefits to be had by seeing B Visas fast tracked in my opinion compared to other types of Visa holders. That is not to denigrate other types of Visa holders. I can just see from a policy perspective that would be the one you would be looking at first.