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Could Thailand Elite Card Holders Obtain a Work Permit?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thailand Elite Visas and there is apparently the possibility at least, that Thailand Elite Visa holders may be able to get Work Permits here in Thailand but it is under a very narrow and frankly it is going to be a very difficult threshold for many to overcome. 

So in a recent article from and they are citing Thai Rath, the article is titled: TAT Latest - Elite Card Holders who Buy a Condo Can Stay "Long-term" and Get a Work Permit but There is a Catch. Quoting directly: "Now foreigners who invest in the real estate market can get to stay and even get a Work Permit but there is a financial catch. Yutthasak Suphasorn said that his plan is to change the arrangements for those that apply for an Elite Card at a cost of between 1 and 2 million baht. If the card holder subsequently invests 1 million dollars, that is dollars, or 31 million Baht in Thailand in the following year they will be eligible for a long-term stay and a Work Permit."  So yes it looks like it may be possible in the future. Please note that the person being cited is from Tourism Authority of Thailand. It is not Immigration or Labour Ministry but Tourism Authority of Thailand and certainly Tourism Authority of Thailand, when they do make recommendations at a policy level I am sure that they are heard most intently by those making policy.

So this is worth noting that this is being discussed, that there may come a point in the future where certain Thai Elite Visa holders who make the requisite real estate investment may be able to get a Thai Work Permit notwithstanding the fact that usually in Thailand, Thailand Elite Visa holders are not work authorized.