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COVID Insurance and the Thai Visa Process

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing COVID-19 and Insurance associated therewith in the context of the Thai Immigration process.  

As of the time of this video, this is sort of a generalized video that we are making, pretty much any type of Visa you are looking to get to Thailand, and more accurately, the Certificate of Entry associated therewith, is going to require providence of evidence that one has insurance coverage to cover them for COVID-19 here in the Kingdom of Thailand. 

Now COVID-19 Insurance, depending on the type of Visa you are processing, it may in fact be mutually exclusive from any other type of coverage which is going to depend on the specific type of Visa you are looking at. One major example or one example that a lot of folks end up discussing when discussing Insurance in the context of Thai Visas, is Retirement Visa insurance. So, there is coverage that one needs to get if one wishes to retire in Thailand most notably it is coverage for 400,000 Baht inpatient, 40,000 Baht outpatient. We are not specifically talking about that here. We are talking about COVID coverage and COVID coverage needs to be obtained and submitted as part of documentation associated with seeking a visa to the Kingdom of Thailand.

As I have noted in other videos on this channel, the current Thai Visa process is not only more cumbersome than it once was but it is also an exercise in an administerial alchemy. A lot of the Thai lawyers that we have here in the office who have been assisting clients along with myself and liaising with various Thai Embassies and Consulates abroad in getting a Visa and a Certificate of Entry issued. We often find we have to put together all of this documentation and there is a correct timing with how you obtain certain documentation including insurance so as to mitigate as much cost to the client as possible while also making sure everything comes together, all the tumblers fall into the lock; you get your visa and you get your Certificate of Entry issued. 

So, again as I have said in other videos, it may not be a terrible idea to contact a legal professional to get some advice and guidance into how best to deal with this. These are new developments. The situation is fluid, it changes quickly. One thing to note and the thing to take away from this video is COVID insurance is definitely a requirement for anyone coming into Thailand under any circumstances as of the time of this video.