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Criteria for 7 Day Quarantine in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the prospect of 7-Day quarantine for any travelers traveling into Thailand. I have done another video on this channel discussing the fact that there is currently a proposed and I say "proposed" because as of the time of this video, it has yet to be fully promulgated into the regulations so we have yet to actually see this come in to force. However, based on what I am reading, it looks like it is going to happen. As I said in the prior video, it is a good idea to not presume anything is going to look a certain way as we don't really know until we know what this stuff looks like. So the Press gets ahold of these announcements and they have yet to have been actually enacted and therefore there may be some twists associated with what this is going to actually look like in practice so it remains to be seen. 

That said, there is a lot out there and I wanted to go ahead and make this video because yes there is a specific provision that is to be promulgated. Apparently it is going to come into effect in April of 2021 although as of yet we have yet to see finalized rules on this. Long story short, in a recent article from the Bangkok Post print edition and this is from the print edition Tuesday, March 9th 2021, the article is titled: Ministry Propose Shorter Quarantine From Next Month. Quoting directly: "If approved, shorter quarantine requirements will apply to Travelers who fall into the following three categories starting in April he said. The first are non-Thai citizens who were vaccinated against COVID-19 between 14 days to 3 months before their arrival in Thailand and have tested negative for the disease. These travelers Mr. Anutin said, will only be required to quarantine for 7 days." So again, let's go through that for a second. "Non-Thai citizens, vaccinated against COVID-19 between 14 days to 3 months before arrival and tested negative for the disease." If all those criteria are met and I suspect there is going to be a vetting process associated with this and as we see the practical implications of this in Consular processing and Visa processing and intake of Immigration at the border checkpoints here, we will certainly be making videos about the practicalities of that.

Long story short, if you meet those requirements; vaccinated 14 days to 3 months and test negative it looks like yes 7-Day quarantine will apply. It will not be a situation where you have to do 14 days. 

Again, it remains to be seen. There are other criteria associated with different quarantine times including 10 days and then travelers coming out of Africa seem to be being treated in their own classification. Long story short, it looks like in order to come into Thailand and receive 7-Day quarantine as opposed to the currently prevailing 14 days of quarantine, you are looking at having to go through vaccination, testing negative etc.