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Do Not Fall Out of Thai Non-Immigrant Visa Status

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests we are discussing "falling out” of non-immigrant status in the post Amnesty Thai Immigration environment we are coming to find ourselves in.

Non-immigrants are those who are in things like a Thai B Visa, ED Visa, O Visa, O-A Visa, presumably O-X Visa or even an Elite Visa but we are not going to get into those. We are more talking about B, ED, O, O-A, could have an M visa for Media; folks that have a Non-immigrant Visa for a specific purpose here in Thailand and that could be family in Thailand, retirement in Thailand, business in Thailand, going to school in Thailand etc.

I am making this video because we are now coming out of the Amnesty period. Amnesty has presumptively ended and I think this ending will stick, for lack of better term compared to last time when it was supposed to end September 26th, but I think we really have seen the end of Amnesty. Those who fall out of non-immigrant status in Thailand, whose visas expire after the Amnesty has ended, they are presumptively out of status and that can prove to be a real problem. For this reason, if it looks like you are going to need to change your status or deal with getting a new Visa you are going to need to look at the process of possibly converting your Visa or making arrangements to leave the Kingdom, try to get a visa and come back. I can tell you and we have made videos on this channel that is quite a cumbersome process; departing and returning. The Border Run era at least for the time being is definitely not part of the overall environment associated with maintaining Thai Visa status so where does that leave a non-immigrant? Well, you need to think ahead. If it is looking like your Thai Visa is in jeopardy, you need to be looking at options to go ahead and convert possibly and extend your lawful status here in the Kingdom of Thailand.