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Do Thai Embassies Require Criminal Background Checks for Thai Visas?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests we are discussing criminal background checks in the context of Thai visas.

Folks have asked me over the years, “Are criminal background checks a requirement to get a Thai Visa?” Well long story short is maybe depending on the category. We are making another video contemporaneously with this one where we discuss criminal background checks in the context of Retirement Visas specifically and we will drill down into that topic at length specific to Retirement Visas but long story short, most Visa categories, No. As noted, Retirement Visas do require criminal background check generally especially when issued abroad, when they are issued at a Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate abroad. I will get into that in more detail in that video.

For purposes of this video, for the most part No, although it depends. There are visas that do require criminal background checks and if you are deemed or if it is found that you have a criminal background in another jurisdiction it is a ground of inadmissibility to Thailand. They can refuse admission to individuals with criminal history and we have dealt with that in the past where clients are unable to come to Thailand or return to Thailand because it was determined that they had a criminal background check in a jurisdiction outside of Thailand. So it is an issue. It specifically may or may not be requirement depending on the Visa category you use.

For those who may feel bit overwhelmed or they don't really understand, it may not be a terrible idea to contact a legal professional to gain some insight and guidance into how best to apply for a Thai Visa.