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Double Insurance Requirements for Thai Retirement Visas?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the notion of double insurance requirements associated specifically with Thai Retirement Visas. 

What are we talking about here? I see this colloquially referred to on the internet, folks basically say "oh I have a double Insurance requirement because I am going for a Thai Retirement Visa". In a recent article from the Pattaya Mail, that is, the article is titled: Double Whammy Insurance Requirements Face More Expats Abroad. Quoting directly: "The first compulsory Insurance requirement for every single foreigner wishing to enter Thailand is cover of at least 100,000 Baht for COVID related illnesses. Then this article goes on, I urge those who are watching this video to go ahead and check out the Pattaya Mail. Again: Double Whammy Insurance Requirements Face More Expats Abroad

After that the compulsory COVID insurance, they get into the specifics of Retirement Visa Insurance and for those who have watched this channel at length, we have discussed Retirement Visas really since around the summer of 2019 as that policy became promulgated, required insurance for retirees up into the end of October when it came into force of law and then we have been dealing with it ever since. During COVID it gives the impression, because there is really no other impression to get, that there is a double Insurance requirement because there is the specific COVID Insurance requirement as noted in the article and then the article goes on and I will paraphrase but also add my own analysis but then there is also the standard Retirement Visa insurance that we have been dealing with for about a year or maybe about 18 months at this point. So these are two different things, they are two different requirements. We have made a number of videos on this channel; you can go to the search function on this channel and just type in "insurance" and you will see the videos we made regarding Retirement Insurance at length. 

Long story short, yes in a sense there is a double insurance requirement. There is the COVID Insurance requirement on top of the Retirement Visa Insurance requirement that has been part and parcel of the O-A Retirement Visa application package since October of 2019.