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The End of Quarantine in Thailand in 2022?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the proposed end of quarantine in Thailand. There have been a lot of newspaper headlines. I am just thinking off the top of my head, a couple of different applications have said "quarantine to end by October of 2021." I think for now the jury is still probably out on that. 

Now I am a little "once bitten, twice shy" on this. I was speculating into this back in mid-June of 2020 that we would be out of it by August and I was basing that on things that we were reading from some of the same sources that we are currently using to research the overall situation here in Thailand regarding quarantine and regarding restrictions and lockdowns. Again the purpose of this video is to try to provide some insight as the situation evolves. 

Quoting directly from an article in Thai Visa that is,, and they were basically quoting Bangkok Business News or appears to be, but quoting directly: “Phase 4 from January onward would see quarantine ended and free movement throughout the country though a one-day quarantine with swab test might still be required. Tourists would still need to have been vaccinated twice abroad and have documentation related to that." Then quoting further: "Thai Visa notes that this is all speculation based on Thai media sources at the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and potential visitors to Thailand are advised to await official clarification probably this Friday." This was published March 15th. Many thanks to, there is a lot in here. Again, Tourism Reopening: Four Phases on the Cards - no Quarantine at all from October.  

Regarding that title, again that is, I thought that this was I hesitate to say anything like misleading, that is not correct at all but I don't think it captured the nuance here. Again quoting from the Phase 3 in this same article, phase 3 from October to December in this article is called the "sandbox" and will be done from October to December "in seven specified tourism provinces that are mostly by the sea". Again there are geographic restrictions to the notion that quarantine will have effectively come to an end in Thailand by October and I have seen a lot of headlines saying that is going to happen. Bear in mind, to begin with this is all speculation at this time. However, even what they are talking about does not overtly say quarantine is going to end, it simply says it is going to be effectively phased out in certain areas and then January, 2022 is when they surmise and again based on the speculation. Presumably this is kind of the best case scenario that we would see a full lifting of all quarantine in January 2022.