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Is the End Of Quarantine in Thailand Drawing Near?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing quarantine in Thailand. Specifically we are discussing this in the context of foreign nationals who are traveling in from abroad. This has this has been a hot button issue. A lot of folks in the tourism business, the tourism industry are chomping at the bit to see at least some modification to the current 14-day quarantine. As of the time of this video we have yet to see any substantive change. That said it, remains to be seen. Even in the interim between making and posting this video there might have been changes but I wanted to do a roundup on this topic. 

In a recent article from Thai Visa,, the article is titled: 14-day Quarantine for Tourists Said to End. Two plans mulled for April 1st Start Sources Suggest. You have to kind of be careful with the language – “suggest”. Quoting directly: "Sources in the Thai Business media suggested that plans are taking shape for an end of the 14-day quarantine for foreign tourists." Quoting further: "Behind the scenes, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Tourism Ministry, the Tourism Council, ATTA, the Association of Thai Travel Agents and THA, Thailand Hoteliers Association have been pressing for an end to the 2-week quarantine that many see as a huge hurdle to the reintroduction of foreign tourism." Yes I have no doubt. What I would just make a comment on there is all those organizations are important. TAT is in there, the Tourism Ministry. At the end of the day, the Immigration Authorities under the Ministry of interior and the Public Health authority which is run by Minister Anutin, the Public Health Ministry and then on top of that the CCSA which is chaired by the Prime Minister himself, this is going to be where the rubber hits the road where we see policy change so while I am sure there is a lot of lobbying going on or jockeying going on to change policy here, we have yet to see any major changes. That said it could happen. I would suspect if it does change it will probably all change in one day the way that it was implemented; so it remains to be seen. 

In another article from Bloomberg, that is, the article is titled: Thailand Mulls Waiving Quarantine Rule for Vaccinated Tourists. Quoting directly: "Thailand may scrap quarantine for foreign visitors vaccinated against COVID-19 as it may help the nation revive its tourism industry according to Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha." We have talked about that one also at some length and the notion of "vaccine passports" is certainly not in any way cut and dried or set in stone here in Thailand yet at least at a policy level. They haven't really said anything about altering quarantine rules for those that have been vaccinated yet; it remains to be seen. How exactly that is going to play out, we are waiting with bated breath. 

However another article, again from and I believe they are quoting from Reuters in this but their article was titled: Thailand Says Nears Vaccine Passport, Hopes to Welcome Tourists in the Third Quarter. Quoting directly and they are quoting Reuters, here: "Thai Authorities are preparing a plan to ease restrictions for travelers vaccinated against the Coronavirus senior officials said on Wednesday as the country looks to revive a tourism industry battered by travel curbs." Again, we have stated this at length. The tourism industry, my heart goes out to those folks. I mean depending on what you read it is two to three million people who were displaced from their jobs, put out of work as a result of the restrictions arising from the response to COVID-19. 

But the thing to take away from this particular video in my opinion is that yes I think things are possibly moving with respect to the overall quarantine situation but exactly when the end will actually be upon us remains to be seen.