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Exchange Rate Impact on Foreign Retirees in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the exchange rate between the Thai Baht and other currencies. In a recent article from Thai Visa, that is, the article is titled: Thai Baht - Good News for British Pensioners in Thailand. Quoting directly: "The Thai baht has burst through the 43 Baht mark to the UK Pound Sterling. Yesterday's Sterling hit 43.35. Other rates as of today are 31.27 for US Dollars, 37 for a Euro, 33.45 for a Swiss Franc and 23.80 for an Aussie Dollar. 

So overall, I think those exchange rates are pretty positive in favor of the foreign national that is an expat here in Thailand especially a retiree but it seems the pensioners especially who are from the UK perhaps may be benefiting most by the current exchange rate against the Pound. We certainly hope that is the case, we certainly hope that has an indirect benefit for Thai businesses here that cater to foreign retirees. The exchange rate is a major issue with a lot of retirees because a lot of them are on fixed incomes or they have certain types of pensions that pay out in a foreign currency and they have to convert that currency to Thai Baht in order to live in Thailand. 

There was a time some years ago when there were quite a few more British people we saw here in Thailand than we currently see, or at least just on the streets. Now obviously with COVID and all this shutdown stuff, there are a lot less people on the streets just generally. I noticed a trend to this back in '17, '18 and 19 where I had been here 10 years prior and there were far more British expats around and then 10 years later far less. 

Again, the exchange rate can have a major impact overall on how a retiree is going to live and operate in Thailand and potential retirees should be well aware of that when making arrangements to retire here in the Kingdom of Thailand.