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Flight Arrangements and Thai Visa Issues

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing flight issues associated with travel to the Kingdom of Thailand in Thai Visa status.

I have had a number of inquiries. I have had a number of people commenting on this channel, I have had a number of people contact me directly or contact our staff and they will say "hey, I have already booked my flight. Can you help me get the visa?" Well you are putting the cart before the horse because the current Visa process for getting a Thai visa to enter the Kingdom of Thailand lawfully is quite a cumbersome endeavor. There is a great deal associated with processing such cases. It is not like it has been in the past. Yes, there are Visa options available for example Tourist Visa has recently become available as well as Retirement Visas. Business Visas are available but again they are not a foregone conclusion.

The other thing to keep in mind is the steps associated with getting that Visa are many. One really key critical element of the current Visa process as it exists as of the time of this video is the Certificate of Entry. The Certificate of Entry manifests itself as a result of a kind of alchemy that happens with the Embassy. Our Thai staff, Thai attorneys, the head of our Thai Immigration division, they deal with this frequently. They are liaising with the Embassy and there really is a kind of alchemy. It all sort of happens all at once. You have to make your flight arrangements, arrangements for Alternative State Quarantine, you have got to lock that in with the Embassy and then you have got to get it locked in so that your Certificate of Entry gets issued and then your Visa simultaneously gets issued with it. 

So, my point is you should not view this as the same process as it was for example a year ago where you could booked your flight and go ahead and deal with your Visa or for that matter just get a Visa on Arrival; that is totally out as of this moment. 

So, the reason I am making this video is if you are looking to come to Thailand do not make flight arrangements until you are dealing with the visa. It may not exactly happen after the visa, it sort of happens all of once but you need to deal with flight arrangements as sort of one integrated process of getting oneself lawfully admitted to the Kingdom of Thailand.