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Foreign Insurance Certificate for Thai Retirement Visas

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are going to be discussing Retirement Visas and we are discussing Insurance within the context of this and specifically we are discussing Insurance that is not issued in Thailand. It is not insurance that is issued by the insurance providers that are specifically stipulated by the Immigration apparatus here in Thailand. We are talking about insurance which has been issued abroad. 

There is actually a document, it is called a Foreign Insurance Certificate. We are going to go ahead and put that up on the screen real quick. We are going to ahead and read from this document. This is an example of a blank document. Foreign Insurance Certificate for an alien to apply for Non-immigrant Visa type O-A, period not exceeding 1 year in accordance with the Cabinet Resolution dated 2nd April, 2019. It goes ahead and has the title of the policy and then: insurance certificate is issued to certify that this person, nationality, gender, age, passport number, is insured in accordance with the Cabinet Resolution dated 2nd April, 2019. Period of insurance begins from... this date, this hours until the.. date and hours and has a stipulated on policy number, the policy number of the Company, Company name, with the following insurance covers.... outpatient benefits - what amount, in patient benefit - what amount. 

Now as noted previously on this channel, the new insurance coverage requirements to be in compliance, you have to have 400,000 baht in in inpatient coverage and 40,000 baht in outpatient coverage in order to meet the requirements to be able to go ahead and get a Thai Retirement Visa. Where we have seen issues with this is Insurance Companies being unwilling to go ahead, and we will put this document up one more time, foreign insurance companies being unwilling to deal with this. We have through anecdotal evidence and some personal experience in dealing with some of these cases directly, we have seen that there are some insurance providers; specifically we have seen them in the States, that are cooperating in providing this type of documentation. Some in other countries have not been providing this documentation for various reasons, and this could lead to a situation wherein one is sort of compelled to have to go ahead and sign up for the coverage that is clearly in compliance here in Thailand because they can't get one of these documents in order to go ahead and get a Thai Retirement Visa issued and without this document, this is one of the new critically key documents associated with the Retirement Visa. Without it, it is possible one could be denied in their application for an O-A Visa to the Kingdom of Thailand.