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Freehold Land Title for Thai LTR Visa Holders?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Freehold Land title associated with the Thai LTR Visa; the Thai LTR Visa being an acronym for long-term resident. As we have noted in other videos many, many times, this is called this because it is a proposed to be a 10-year Visa and let's be clear, it remains proposed although it is supposed to come online or apparently come online in the 4th quarter of 2022 here in Thailand but it is not a Resident Visa, to be clear. There is Permanent Residence in Thailand, lawful Permanent Residence where one is granted Permanent Residence and they just have a right of abode here. Not the same thing; this is a 10-year Visa so it is qualitatively different.

The point of this video, the reason for the video is we are talking about freehold land title. We talked about this a year ago in this context when this was being discussed. There was a lot of discussion about foreigners being able to own land and under this LTR scheme and I got to think of making this video after reading a recent article from the Pattaya Mail,, the article is titled: Thailand's latest 10 year Retirement Visa available from September. Quoting directly: "Earlier announcements claimed that for all LTRs there would be no requirement to perform the 90-day reporting ritual and even suggested that voluntary or unpaid work might now be allowed. Ability to buy freehold property from developers was also mooted. These details have never been clarified and still aren't." Yeah actually there was an announcement, there was a Spokesperson from the Thai Land Office back about a year ago, we made a video on that quoting that person and they actually came out said "no, affirmatively no foreigners would not be allowed to take freehold title of the land whatever their Immigration status was”, in terms of this LTR category. Obviously if they are naturalized Thai Citizens, then Land title is a possibility but just under this LTR scheme that Spokesperson came out and said "no that's not going to be possible!" So it has been kind of going back and forth.

Everything that I have read from sort of the more official sources or closer to sources that to my mind have a better handle on what is officially coming down the pike, I don't get the impression that we are probably going to see freehold title associated with land in Thailand just conferred because somebody gets one of these LTR Visas. That is kind of somewhat, obviously it is speculation, but it is kind of my gut telling me that based on everything I have seen watching the evolution of these of these visas since they were first started being bandied about some probably 14 - 15 months ago when I first started hearing about it, we're definitely, I shouldn’t say definitely but it looks to me like there is a high probability that we are not going to see freehold Land Title associated with LTR status.