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Good News for Expats in Thailand: TM28 Finished

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the scrapping of the TM28.  This has been on the lips of many an expat in the past week or so here in Thailand. I have wanted to go over this regulation in relative detail and we are going to have a series of videos specifically discussing this change with respect to the TM28. 

But this first video is simply on the issue of the end of the TM28 itself. So the regulation in English is titled: Regulation of Royal Thai Police on Notification of Changing Residence, Moving, Traveling to any Province and Staying There Longer than 24 hours, and Notification of staying in the Kingdom longer than 90 days of an Alien who has been granted a Permission to temporarily stay in the Kingdom. So long title there but we are basically talked about it is they have overhauled the regulatory requirements for advising as to an address change. Under subsection 1 of the regulation, it states as follows: “to repeal the regulation of Royal Thai Police on notification of changing residence moving, traveling to any Province and staying there longer than 24 hours and location staying in the Kingdom longer than 90 days of an alien who has been granted a permission to temporarily stay in the Kingdom as of May 25th, 1979." 

The thing to take away from this video the language of this clearly states they have repealed the old regulation and as we will get into in a subsequent videos for civically there is a new form for those who this may still apply to but TM28 is effectively a dead letter. That form number is done. They are no longer going to be dealing with the TM28 and as noted in this video the old regulation is repealed. There is an entirely new regulatory regime coming online with respect to this and we are going to get into more of the details on that in later videos but for now suffice it to say TM28 is gone. 

As a general rule of thumb or the requirements associated with 28 are effectively phased out. Most folks watching this video and TM28 no longer applies to you.  However let me be clear. There are some folks who certain aspects of the old TM 28 System it may still apply to so stay tuned to this channel. We are going to do further updates on here to get into the specifics of this but this video is specifically about the fact that TM28 is done; we are done with that. We are on to a new system and I will get into the details of how that system works in subsequent videos on this channel.