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hai Retirement Visas: Clarification Regarding Bank Balances

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, discussing Bank balances in connection with Thai Retirement Visas. I made another video some days back regarding Thai Retirement Visas and Bank balances. I got some flack in both the comments and some emails on this where people were basically saying: "Oh you have got it wrong”. I brought up the fact that 60 days prior to an application for a Thai Retirement Visa, one needs to be able to show their bank balance at 800,000 Baht and then they need to be able to maintain it out 90 days or 3 months past the application. Some people have said "Oh no, it needs to be 90 days before, some people said it was 60 days after and 90 days before; or 60 and 60". I actually got conflicting emails across the board and part of the reason for that is again Immigration Officers have discretion and they may differ in how they view the evidence regarding a Thai Retirement Visa. 

Long story short, I think this is the thing to take away from this video. Just as a rule of thumb; three and three. 3 months on the front end 3 months on the back end. That appears to me, based on our experience, based on what we are seeing from the accounts which are varying that you are definitely safe having three months on the front end and 3 months after your extension where you are showing the full balance and then you are able to drop it down after that period has gone by. However, note, you shouldn't drop it down past the 400,000 Baht mark because dropping it past that mark could result in you not being able to renew at all again when the next year rolls by. 

So again this will be definitely fact dependent. It will also be very dependent on what Immigration Office you are using so those who are watching this video, bear that in mind. I am talking about this with respect to extensions by the way. Issues pertaining to financial or proving finances for a Thai Retirement Visa at a Thai Embassy abroad, that is dealt with in a different way. We are not talking about that in this video. Essentially, they have their own framework and they have a lot more latitude or they apply a lot more latitude in how they scrutinize the evidence related to finances in the context of a Retirement Visa at an Embassy. This Visa we are talking about Thai Immigration in country. I think the general rule of thumb should be in my opinion, 3 months prior to and 3 months after the application for a renewal you need to have that full balance, 800,000 Baht no less for that period and then you can drop it down but no less than 400,000 Baht for the remainder of the year.