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Heightened Scrutiny on Thai Immigration Fit to Fly Documents

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing so-called Fit to Fly documents. We are specifically discussing these in the context of those who are coming into Thailand here in recent weeks. 

We are bringing this up because we have facilitated a number of clients' actual entry to the Kingdom in recent days. Our efforts over the past roughly six or eight weeks have started coming to fruition and we have started seeing our clients enter the Kingdom. Some of these clients have been coming in on B Visas, some of them have been coming in on Marriage Visas generally in the O category; at least that is what we have been seeing as far as O Visa issuance and entrances. We are making this video to provide some insight as some of our clients have provided a recitation of how events unfolded when coming into the Kingdom and believe me, they have had time to do it because they are in the Alternative State Quarantine facilities and frankly I sympathize with them because there is not much to do in those facilities other than perhaps sit down and write about one's experiences, a la Marco Polo in coming back to Thailand. They have provided some very insightful observations about what it was like traveling back into Thailand. 

One that I thought was particularly interesting was from a client who recently was admitted to Thailand. For confidentiality purposes, we are not going to provide any information on that person but needless to say this person was recently admitted a few days before the making of this video. Quoting directly: "Next they are super picky about the "fit to fly" document. I saw many people have all kinds of problems with this. This single document created the most problems for people out of any other. Luckily for me the particular "fit to fly" document I had, never had any problems at any of the checkpoints." So clearly these documents are being examined carefully. The scrutiny on these is stringent. They are looking at this documentation because in their mind and I think it is under the circumstances or under the paradigm of this COVID response if you will, they feel that it is very warranted to go ahead and strictly scrutinize the documentation, strictly pertaining to one's fitness not only to fly but also whether or not one tested negative for COVID-19; so they consider this a pretty important document. 

As noted on other videos on this channel, there is not only the medical certification that strictly speaking is what everyone kind of calls the "fit to fly" document, there is also T8 Health declaration form associated with the air carrier, filling that out and going ahead and filing that with necessary authorities when they are bringing in inbound passengers to the Kingdom. 

So we are dealing with a fair amount of documentation here but I think it should be noted, it is noteworthy from this client's personal account that “fit to fly” document is scrutinized heavily for those foreigners or anyone looking to travel from abroad into the Kingdom of Thailand.