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How Long Are Thailand Elite Visas Valid?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Thailand Elite Visa program. 

For those who are unaware of what this program is, we have done a number of videos on this channel.  To sum it up, it is possible to join the Thailand Elite Program. One of the benefits of the Thailand Elite program and the benefits of many, but one of the benefits is that an individual will be granted Thailand Elite Visa status. That can be granted for a prolonged period of time depending on the plan that one joins the Elite Program in.

Now something that I find interesting, especially as we have processed a few Elite Visas in the past and some of our clients are in prolonged Elite status; in some cases 20-year status. I get a question when the Elite Visa is first issued especially for folks who have entered the 20-year program or the 10-year program and they say "Hey, wait a minute. The visa that they put in my passport, the actual sticker in my passport, is for only 5 years." Well that is the way that they issue those visas. Thailand Elite Visas are issued in five-year increments. That being said, those who join the prolonged visa program are part of the longer program, for lack of better term, and for that reason those individuals, it is sort of a pro-forma thing, but it might be viewed as a formality, but it is a necessary formality. You have still got to go in and get a 5 year sticker reissued every 5 years. 

So that is something to keep in mind with respect to how the Elite Visa Program works. Please note that you are not going to get a 20 year sticker. Even though you are in the 20-year program, you are only going to be issued stickers with a 5-year validity. 

The other thing to keep in mind with Thailand Elite, overstay rules still apply. Now Thailand Elite makes things pretty convenient for those in their system to go ahead and get their visas renewed etc., but overstay rules still apply. Do not overstay on a Thailand Elite Visa. It should be noted that Thailand Elite is taking a firmer stance and I think Immigration is also, in conjunction with Thailand Elite. Those who have overstayed previously may not be able to get into the Thailand Elite Program.

So the thing to take away from this video is although Thailand Elite is very, very convenient, there are a lot of benefits that accrue to a person that enters the program, the Visa status itself is that it is issued in five-year increments and although again it is a formality one does need to go and get their stickers reissued every 5 years in order to maintain prolonged status here in the Kingdom of Thailand.