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How Many Business Visa Holders Are Coming to Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Business Visas. 

A question that has been popping up, clients have been asking me: "How many folks are coming in to Thailand in this Visa category or that Visa category?" We made a few videos contemporaneously with this one where we specifically discussed specific types of Thai visas, but this one is discussing Business Visas specifically.

A recent article from, it was titled: Retirement Visa Holders Largest Group of Foreigners to Enter Thailand in October. A lot of meat in this article. A lot of information in here. I am taking one specific except just to do some analysis real quick in this video. 

Quoting directly: "Other foreigners to enter Thailand in October included Thailand Elite Card holders, those with non-Imm B (113) and Tourist Visa holders." So clearly that is what we were looking at in October, 113 B Visa holders, and that sounds about right. We have been assisting clients and I think we have been assisting a number, especially in the B Visa category, we probably represent a pretty disproportional percentage of that 113 folks and yes we assisted in bringing a number of those folks into Thailand in B status back in October. That sounds about right. 

Moving forward, do I think there will be more? Possibly but you have got to remember, capacity of flights, scheduled flights etc. all sort of figure into this so how many Business Visa entrants we will see to Thailand in the coming weeks and months remains to be seen.