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How Many Foreign Teachers Are Working in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing foreign teachers in Thailand. I often find that finding statistics on foreigners in Thailand can be a little bit daunting. It is sometimes difficult to wade through a lot of superfluous writings and information and doing research and when I come upon actual hard numbers that are being quoted and cited in relation to foreign activity here in Thailand I like to provide a video to provide some insight into that. 

A recent from, the article is titled: Crackdown on Illegal Foreign Teachers: Heavy Fines and Deportation for Those Without Work Permits. Quoting directly: "Thai news site, Khomchadleuk reported that there are 11,200 foreigners teaching in Thailand. The top five nationalities are Filipino; 4,360 persons; British: 1,569; US: 1,143; Chinese: 778; Japanese: 351" And to quote from earlier in this article: Quoting directly: "Thailand's new Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin has demanded that the credentials of all 11,200 foreigners teaching in Government schools and Private schools be checked out."  So to provide some nuance on those numbers it appears those are the official numbers with respect to the number of foreign teachers that are teaching not only in Thai Government schools but Private schools as well. I urge those watching this video go check out The title is: Crackdown on Illegal Foreign Teachers: Heavy Fines and Deportation for Those Without Work Permits, as the scope of the article is actually totally different than the topic of this video.

What I am simply talking about is we happened to find the sort of nugget information when looking at other information and I thought it was worthy of a video. It just looks like there is about 11,000 foreign teachers here in Thailand at any given time of different nationalities and I guess I am making this to provide some insight for folks who may be looking to teach in Thailand or just wanted some insight into the activities of expats operating here in the Kingdom.