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How Many Types of Thai Retirement Visa Are There?

Transcript of the above video:

A question that has been coming up here recently is folks have been asking me "How many types of Retirement Visa are there in Thailand?" Well strictly speaking, the answer is three. You have got what some call the O Retirement Visa or the O Retirement Visa extension; you have the O-A Retirement Visa which generally is issued only abroad but can be extended in Thailand. Then, another one that doesn't really come up as often is what is called the O-X which is the super long stay if you will, the 10-year Thai Retirement Visa. We did another video on this channel with all the criteria associated with the O-X. You can just go into our search function, type in 0-X and you will see the information associated with that in that video. It is a larger financial commitment associated with the O-X. Frankly it hasn't been an overly popular Visa because it really does require a great deal more finances or financial commitment than do the O Retirement Visa or the O-A Retirement Visa. The O-A and the O Retirement Visa are both issued in one year increments generally speaking and then they can be extended here in country. 

We have gone into great detail in other videos about the differences for example there are insurance requirements which differ between the O Retirement Visa and the O-A. There are also some differences with respect to how one processes dealing with the extension on both of those. 

So again go ahead and go into our channel and go into the search function type in O-A or type in O Retirement Visa. You are going to find a lot of that information but in point of fact, there are 3 types of Thai Retirement Visas presently. One could also argue there is the Thailand Elite Visa out there which kind of acts like a Retirement Visa but strictly speaking is not a retirement Visa. There is the O-A, the O Retirement Visa and then the O-X.