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Immigration Raids in Thailand: More Updated Information

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of the video suggests, we are yet again providing some updates with respect to Immigration raids here in the Kingdom. Now although we are not seeing the number of large raids where a large number of over stayers or illegal entrants are being picked up sort of all in one fell swoop, we still are seeing some of those and I will get to that in a moment, but it seems to me that the current Head of Immigration is more concerned with foreign criminals and I have done of the videos on this channel where I have been discussing a lot of people are being extradited out of Thailand oftentimes based on biometric information, biometric scans that ascertain who those people actually are and they will often times find out that they have an arrest warrant in a foreign court and the Thai Immigration system will deport those individuals to face the charges in their home country or the country that issued the warrant. Now the interesting thing in all of this is although raids I think are down a little bit, Immigration enforcement activities have not decreased it all. Again citing the fact that we are seeing a lot more deportations, we are seeing a lot more people found to have foreign warrants being extradited, we are also still seeing raids though.

In a recent article from the Nation Thailand that is The article is titled: Immigration Raid Nets 48 Pakistanis in Southeast Bangkok. Quoting directly, "Children were among a total of 48 Pakistani nationals rounded up by Immigration Police this week at an apartment in Bangkok's Bangna District." Quoting further: "Most had overstayed their visas while several didn't have any travel documents at all, Immigration Police Bureau Chief Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang told a press conference on Tuesday." I always hate to see situations where children are being detained and are being deported but unfortunately in certain circumstances that is just the way things go. 

I wanted to go ahead and make this video to provide information specifically on the fact that raids do continue. Immigration has not stopped for lack of better term with their preoccupation, with rooting out illegal foreigners here in the Kingdom, deporting them and for lack of better term continuing with the "good guys in, bad guys out" policy. Now whether or not these individuals in question in this particular raid could be deemed to be "bad guys", I don't know. Again children obviously would not fall into that designation. But the thing again to take away from this video is Thai Immigration Officials have lost none of their zealousness when it comes to finding people who are in the Kingdom illegally.