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Income Requirements for Thai Marriage Visa and Work Permit Holders

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai marriage visas specifically in the context of one of these.  This is a work permit, a Thai work permit to be precise and what are we talking about?

There has been a recent change with respect to what are called Income Affidavits associated with extensions of Thai Marriage Visas. In the past it was possible to go ahead and verify one's income utilizing an Affidavit issued by the US, UK or Australian Embassy. Those Embassies are no longer issuing Income Affidavits, and as a result it is no longer possible to use simply an Income Affidavit to go ahead and extend one's O Marriage Visa. That being said, there is also the possibility of utilizing a lump-sum of 400,000 baht in a Thai bank account which is maintained for a certain period of time; currently I believe five months is what is being required of retirees so it's not illogical to infer that that may one day be imposed upon marriage visa holders as well although as of yet I have not seen any actual regulations to that effect. 

But the point of this video is not about those who are using lump sum or those who were once using Income Affidavits, it is about those who are on an O visa here in the Kingdom and maintaining a Thai work permit. This is not an uncommon practice for those who are married to Thai Nationals. Those married to Thai Nationals may use an O Visa as a platform for a work permit not unlike the Business Visa although under slightly different conditions. That being stated, the work permit itself and the income associated therewith would tend, in virtually all cases at least those involving Americans, Australians and UK citizens, the minimum required monthly income for those of those nationalities is going to be at least 50,000 Baht so it actually exceeds the 40,000 baht, income requirement that is required currently by Thai Immigration Officials.  

I think the thing to take away from this video is, "yes, those who once were using offshore income, there are going to be some issues moving forward.  That being said passive pension income that is emanating from offshore and coming in to a Thai bank account, that's probably going to go ahead and work. We did another video on that particular topic on this channel.

But the thing to take away is I think those who are currently holders of a work permit, no need to fret with respect to the recent changes in the rules imposed by Immigration for marriage visa holders, as the holders of work permits and a Thai marriage visa don't seem to be adversely impacted by these changes in regulations.