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International Port Health Control and Quarantine in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the International Port Health Control at port of entries here in the Kingdom of Thailand. In a recent article, this is from TAT News, this is Tourism Authority of Thailand news,, the article is titled: Thailand Reduces Quarantine for International Arrivals From April 1, 2021. Quoting directly: "Vaccinated international arrivals who are unable to present a valid vaccine certificate, an original paper print out of an online Vaccine Certificate, to the International Port Health Control at the port of arrival will be subjected to no less than a 10-day quarantine."  

So this International Port Health Control; interesting. There have always been Health Authorities, Public Health Authorities associated with ports of entry here in Thailand. However they haven't played the role that they are playing now. In a sense, it is almost like a parallel immigration officer; that is kind of the way I look at this International Airport Health control. Where Immigration is looking at your visas, your prior status, have you ever been on overstay etc., what they are looking at, as they say it is your Vaccine Certificates. As we have discussed in a prior video, it appears long-term it is very possible Certificates of Entry may morph into this Vaccine Certificate so this may be a permanent fixture of Immigration into Thailand that folks may need to deal with this certification and deal with this sort of almost again I am kind of making this up here, this term, but it is kind of a parallel Immigration apparatus in the form of these folks who are inspecting these Vaccine Certificates. 

So we will keep you updated on this channel but I just thought this was interesting to bring this up that you are looking at a fundamental change to the overall way in which Immigration, inbound processing of foreign nationals is facilitated here in the Kingdom of Thailand.