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Is It Easy to Move to Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing moving to Thailand. I get this question, more often than not I get it in emails where people just say, "Is it easy to move there?"

I would first preface the rest of this video by saying, well it depends what you mean by "Is it easy to move there?" What are you talking about? The logistics? The logistics of simply getting on a plane and coming to Thailand? I wouldn't say it is easy compared to times past. We have definitely seen and we have got a lot of videos on this channel discussing this. We have seen a lot more restrictions in recent months associated with the response to COVID-19. So, extra travel documentation like Certificates of Entry, "fit to fly" documentation, COVID testing, different visa requirements, insurance requirements that didn't exist before. Long story short, it is a fairly straightforward process to get a Visa, get a Certificate of Entry, get on a plane and come to Thailand. 

If one is asking about "is it easy to move here in a personal sense?" Well that is really a more personal question. Expatriating? There are many reasons that can be difficult, culture shock. Folks that vacation to Thailand, I often find when they come to move here they often experience a culture shock that really I think surprises them because they have vacationed here, they have viewed Thailand through one lens and then living here, it is kind of a different animal. You are not living in a hotel, you may be living in a condo. Again Airbnb, folks stay here, I have stayed here, renting condos and kind of live as if they would live if they were here permanently. But there are certain things about Thailand and living in Thailand, various cities in Thailand or even in the country, where there are certain things that are more active in certain ways that are different at least compared to for example the US or the west and then it is kind of more subdued than people actually think it is or would actually expect from Thailand especially some of the cities it is actually more subdued than they would otherwise have presumed. So there is the culture shock element and then there is the other thing. You need to be aware, the language. Even somebody like me I have still got language barriers here even though I have fairly functional Thai, in my opinion, but yeah there are still language barriers with respect to especially more complex things that you are wanting to do especially where you are interacting with things in an international context. For families education is a really important thing. Making sure that one gets the adequate schooling, the adequate education that one feels is commensurate with what would be necessary if those children need to go back to the West at some point. 

Again all of these are factors that are beyond the scope of legal issues but is it easy logistically? I mean it is straightforward. Easy is a gray term; it is kind of a gray area. There is a lot to work with in there, is it straightforward? Yes but moving here, there are a lot of personal and practical implications of moving abroad of expatriating if you will, immigrating if you will that people need to think about before taking such a significant step.