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Land Borders Reopen in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, it does appear that the Land Borders is in Thailand are reopening. So the reason I thought of making the video came from me reading a recent article from the Bangkok Post,, the article is titled: Two border crossings miss reopening date. Quoting directly: "Border checkpoints in Nakhon Phanom in the Northeast and Tak in the West have yet to resume operations due to unsigned paperwork and the unresolved situation in Myanmar." Quoting further: "The 15 other provinces where permanent land border checkpoints have reopened are: Loei, Nong Khai, Mukdahan, Bueng Kan, Si Sa Ket, Surin, Sa Kaeo, Chantaburi, Trat, Kanchanaburi, Ranong, Songkhla, Naratiwat, Yala and Satun."

So it looks like we are 15 per 17 as far as permanent land borders being reopened. It looks like they are in the process of reopening the other two but long story short, yeah it looks like a border crossing is now a possibility lo after these I think what are we at now, two years? A little more than two years; I think it was March 2020 when we saw everything shut down and we made videos on this channel at the time noting that. Now yes, it looks like things are reopening here in Thailand and we are going to start seeing things moving forward a little more briskly. 

Now bear in mind, I don't think at least immediately, it is going to be an overly prudent thing to presume that you are going to be able to use a border crossing to do a standard Border Run, so probably not a good idea to presume that just yet. But hopefully moving into the end of the year things will open up a little bit more and we should see kind of a regularization of sort of people movements over the Land Borders here in the Kingdom of Thailand.