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Monitoring Your Thai Visa Expiration Is YOUR Duty

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Visa expiration and I have heard this a lot since the Visa Amnesty so-called, came to an end back in October, November of 2020. I have seen it a lot actually in the context of the Thailand Elite program. People get into that program and they think it is on an autopilot of sorts. You still have to monitor your own visa’s expiration date. It is not really incumbent on anyone else. Now yes, if you are deriving assistance, we certainly, with our clients we try to stay on top of things and fortunately for us we have never had this issue but at the same time it ultimately is the Visa holder's own duty to make sure that they do not fall into overstay and that means monitoring your own expiration date. 

I am not making this video to try to be condescending, I want to be clear. This is more a video to provide a warning and to keep people on their toes because this can be very inadvertent. People in our experience we have seen they have been dealing with you know a Visa agent that either says that they are just going to take care of everything and they don't, or in certain cases people think that Thailand Elite as I said puts things on autopilot; it doesn't. You have to maintain your status with Thailand Elite and there are ways of doing that. We made a number of videos on those topics on this channel but at the end of the day, it is your duty to maintain your own status in Thailand and keeping abreast of your own expiration date ultimately falls to oneself. 

Now again if you are gaining assistance, for example with us, we have a calendar in fact of our clients Visa documentation and when things are going to expire and Work Permit expirations etc. That said, and we tell our clients this, and as I am telling folks in this video, it ultimately falls to you as well. It is more eyes on that issue when you have someone assisting you but at the end of the day you need to be aware of it yourself and not just sort of fob it off. I have seen a lot of problems with this since the Amnesty ended and in some cases we have been able to rectify things in other cases you know there have been situations that it was not possible to rectify things. Keep abreast of your own documentation and always maintain lawful status because falling into overstay can have seriously negative implications.