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Multiple "Travel Bubbles" for Thailand by October?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing "travel bubbles". I have discussed this at length for some months now. We have also been discussing this quite a little bit here recently as I made videos contemporaneously with this one. 

For viewers who don't know, if you haven't watched my channel much, the "travel bubble" scheme is this scheme wherein Thailand pairs off with another country that is considered low risk and then it allows bilateral travel that is effectively quarantine free or they just truncate the quarantine way, way down so you get to the point where it is possibly a 1 to some shortened amount of days quarantine.

In a recent article from the Nation, that is, the article is titled: Thailand to Explore "Travel Bubble" with Singapore. Quoting directly: "We have acknowledged that Singapore has previously run the "travel bubble" with Australia and New Zealand. If Singapore agrees to run the scheme with Thailand as well we would probably be able to receive tourists from Australia, New Zealand in addition to Singaporeans, the Minister said. (And the Minister here is Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, Tourism and Sports Minister of Thailand) "He added that his Ministry aims to discuss the "travel bubble" with other ASEAN countries as well, such as Vietnam, Laos where COVID-19 new cases were low. The "travel bubble" was expected to be organized from October 1 the Minister said, adding that his Ministry planned to attract more tourists from China if the country allowed its people to travel abroad."

Clearly there is a lot going on here but fundamentally what we are seeing is yeah they are trying to put together these "travel bubbles". There may be multiple "travel bubbles" some time soon but I wouldn't hold out much hope for it until October and beyond. The other thing to bear in mind is yes there is sort of truncated quarantine associated with "travel bubbles" but as vaccination becomes more widespread, more prevalent, it seems logical now, it may not be logical in the grand scheme of things, but it seems to make sense right now the way the wind is blowing that they may ultimately say "well we may not do "travel bubbles" but vaccination will basically negate quarantine" or they may say "look we are doing "travel bubbles. You have got to come from one of these countries and be vaccinated." Again all of that is up in the air at this time. We will keep you updated on this situation as it evolves.