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No PCR Test Needed to Enter Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the possibility that one will no longer need an RT-PCR test in order to get on a plane departing for Thailand.

This comes after reading a recent article from Thai PBS World, that is, the article is titled: Thailand drops pre-departure RT-PCR tests for overseas arrivals, allows Songkran celebrations. Quoting directly: "The Centre for COVID-19 Administration (CCSA) has agreed to cancel the requirement for pre-departure RT-PCR tests for international arrivals, effective from April 1st." So first of all that is notable. We are making this in March. If and when this comes into effect it is going to be April 1st at the earliest that this will be in operation. Quoting further: "The CCSA has decided to do away with the requirement for all travelers to Thailand under the "Test and Go" program to take an RT-PCR test in the 72 hours before their departure by land, air or sea. They still have to take the test upon arrival and self-administer the Antigen test on the 5th day of their stay in the country."

So while this is certainly good news, it is by no means a total lifting of all of the restrictions. More appropriately, not so much the restrictions, it is the requirements, the hoops that people have to jump through just to get into Thailand right now are pretty substantial and comparing these to other nations here in the Southeast Asia region as we have done in prior videos on this channel, Thailand is not going to stack up well as far as a desirable destination from the standpoint of ease of getting into the country. Quite frankly it is bureaucratic and it is difficult to get into Thailand as of the time of this video and it looks like yes although they are easing sudden restrictions, it will continue to be. So hopefully we will see a favourable resolution to this but for now something to keep in mind as it looks like going into April, no longer going to need an RT-PCR test coming into Thailand.